August 20 - September 5 at The Oregon Center for Contemporary Art



The Alliance of OCAC Alumni Board wishes to extend an enormous thank you to all who helped make our first biennial exhibition a reality and success.

Thank you, selected artists, those who participated in the artist talks, and all who submitted work for the show!

We are so grateful for Ashley Stull Meyers’ vision and curating skills in showcasing the alumni work.

We thank Oregon Contemporary for the beautiful space and Rainmakers Craft Initiative for their guidance and ongoing support.

Thank you to Kate Copeland and PNCA for their kindness.

We appreciate everyone who lent a hand, and to everyone who came out to view the show!

Share, Learn, Show Artists

Aby Henry - photographs

Alyssa Kail - painting/fiber

Amarette Gregor - sculpture

Angelica Yudasto - silk/glass

Brittany Wilder - sculpture/photo

Carolyn Drake - sculpture/fiber

Cathy Denning - photo

Colin Kippen - sculpture

Declan Knight - sculpture

Emma Gerigscott - painting

Faith Hagenhofer - fibers

Fernando Pedroza - painting

Hannah Newman - sculpture/digital

Hilary Pfeifer - sculpture

Ivan Carmona - painting/sculpture

Jay Humphries - painting

Jennifer Cooke - fiber

Jennifer Viviano - painting/sculpture

Jens Pettersen - painting/embroidery

Kate Speranza - painting

Lindsey Martin - painting weird interiors

MaryAnn Puls - painting

Michael White - drawing/painting/cyanotype

Oliver Wilson - sculpture

Ruth Bryant - books/paper

Sarah Laird - fiber*

Sara Thompson - sculpture/silversmith

Shannon Castor - film

Thea Kinner - sculpture/gifs

Tony Raynor - painting

Taylor Nehrling - fiber




We are privileged and honored to announce that the 2021 OCAC Alumni show will be curated by Ashley Stull Meyers, a force of vision and insight into contemporary Art and Craft. She located to the Pacific Northwest while both Marylhurst and OCAC closed their doors. Her thoughtfulness and compassion for what Craft means to the region and our history as OCAC Alumni is why we are so grateful to be working with her. In her words:

“ exhibition of Oregon College of Art and Craft alumni, will feature a cross-section of works that seek to historicize the institution’s impact on arts work in the Pacific Northwest. Exemplified by experimentation in a number of media, arts production in the pacific northwest has largely been unencumbered by the forces of more traditional, commercial centered, arts markets. The outcome has several generations of artists generating practices engaged with the landscape, expanded definitions of craft, history, and collaboration.

The selected artists speak to the impact of such production through their engagement with OCAC – a stalwart community of makers that functioned as a hub for generative and artful activity for 112 years.”

See more of her work >

Photo credit: Sam Gehrke

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