Jeffrey Baker


Drawing & Painting


Jeffrey T. Baker situates his multi-disciplinary practice inside a complex web of what could be called the contemporary sublime.

Keenly aware of the historical precedents for both painting and photography, Baker's art occupies a challenging locus between the two traditions. His works are handcrafted composites of pigment, toner, and wax that are clearly antithetical to the multiplicity often associated with the photographic print.

While fascinated by narrative, Baker eschews any sort of contrived relationship between the works; preferring that the viewer construct their own stories from the glowering landscapes, teetering structures, decayed remnants of antiquity, and oddly cropped portraits he displays in salon-style groupings.

For over a dozen years these works have been compiled and presented as SUBJECTIVE; a visual archive that is both fact and fiction, photograph and painting, identifiable and amorphous.