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Look through the friendly faces below to find former classmates and friends from the OCAC community. All manner of alumni are honored here, whether you got an MFA or attended a Community Programs class, so feel free to add yourself to the growing list of talented makers emerging from 100+ years of OCAC.

All information is provided voluntarily by the individuals below. AOCACA makes no claims or assurances about the accuracy of information provided. All submitted content is the sole responsibility of the person submitting and the posting of said content does not constitute an endorsement of a person, business, or services. If you would like to modify your posted content in any way please contact us directly using the form below.


Are you interested in helping shape the future of our craft community? Have ideas about resources that would be valuable to you as an alum of OCAC? Want to share your talents in service of a stronger network of thinkers and makers in the Pacific NW? Drop us a note and let us know what's on your mind.

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